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This man is called Dr. Mahathir

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When Dr. Mahathir quit office in October the 31st in 2004,well,we thought that was the end of him. But it was not to be, it seems.I suppose he couldn't sit still in his home that he felt the strong urge to speak and especially, through his recently launched blog. I suppose it must've been boring staying at home,eh Dr. M?

Okay,okay,no one can deny what he has done for Malaysia. Well,the KLCC,Sepang Circuit, KLIA,Proton Saga and so on; well,he's called The Father of Modern Malaysia,that itself should tell us that he aims to modernize Malaysia,right? But at the end of the days, he decided to quit as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2004. So, that has been said, why still complain? Ahh...and he replied to this question though; through his blog: It is my right as the citizen of Malaysia.

But the funny thing is, all his criticism towards the current Prime Minister of Malaysia,Abdullah Badawi and the Barisan Nasional as a whole,makes it as if he was an angel while he was the Prime Minister. Come on lah, Mahathir. If you're such an angel,I don't think thousands of rakyat (the people) would call for your resignation in 1999.If you're such an angel, Anwar wouldn't have accuse you of those things. And now,you're criticising Pak Lah of not doing a good job?If you're so innocent while you were the Premier,people wouldn't have accuse you of being involved in the Lingam case. If you're such an angel,a retired Federal Court judge Tan Sri Azmi Kamaruddin wouldn't say this about you: "“I believe the Prime Minister at the time wanted to become a dictator; I may be wrong but this is my conclusion,”

You,dear Dr. Mahathir:

*single handedly responsible for wiping out the impartiality of the legislative judiciary and executive powers through widespread abuse or power, corruption, nepotism and cronyism as well as destroying racial harmony in multi racial Malaysia* (quoted from Malaysiakini)

*Now,you call Samy Vellu a rascist?And you're not?*

*You complain about the lack of press freedom in Malaysia?Oh,poor Dr. Mahathir...so sorry to hear that.But did the mainstream media in Malaysia ever enjoy press freedom,especially under your reign?*

*You handpicked Pak Lah as your successor,and now you complain this lah,complain that lah.*

So sorry la my ex-Prime Minister,I've really lost my respect for you already. I used to so respect and you're my idol before.But no more.The fact that you're being the biggest hypocrite on earth has really made me irritated reading news about your criticism toward others.

Now,don't get me wrong.Just because I said all these things about you,doesn't mean I actually support or like Pak Lah.nah,he's a different story,so now,we just put the spotlight on you,okay Dr.M? I know you're a brilliant guy and all-you go here and there,around the world,to share your views and stuff but come on,you're retired,so live with it and let others run the country,trying to clean up your mess before.

But before I go,I just like to say something that I'm really curious about~you know,being the Prime Minister or MPs are about serving the people,the rakyat.But at the end of your being a Prime Minister,man,you're such a rich fella,eh Dr. Mahathir?Your son is one of the richest men in Malaysia. I wonder why?Hmm...not that I accuse your son of corruption,nah,but the thing is,why being the wakil rakyat and your family is now very rich?I mean,almost all YBs in Malaysia on the government side,after serving one-two terms,already rich bah.wahh...no wonder people really fight for seats before election cuz it's the short cut to get rich.Now,that's the whole new level of get-rich scheme,the fast way!

of course,my opinions won't matter.In Malaysia,only the big players matter.An ordinary citizen like me is powerless to say or do anything,so,that's all for now.

God bless you, Dr. Mahathir. And Mahathir, you are so Yesterday!


The People's Power said...

He's a masked dictator, a man who can put someone to the stardom of politics but at the same time able to plant a hickle to cause the fall of someone. Yes, that's the real Dr. M for his successful attempt to shape DSAI and for his planned conspiracy to cause the fall of the same man he built. This mamak is so kiasu on his potential rivals that he twisted most of them under his fingers during his days. At the end, many are trained to become Pak turut instead of frontline leaders.

Anonymous said...

so outdated for bapa bolehland

he's so frustrated that current pm didnt follow his bolehland model

Mr.Brooke said...

you know,i really used to idolize this man.i mean,all sorts of books about this junkhead a brilliant and all guy.
but at the end of the day,he's just mamak who is a shame of his Indian origin.

apanama said...

You sound like a frustrated man, don't you?
Maybe you're a disgruntled guy who is /has been trying to be a politician, are you Mr.Brooke.
As your name aptly suggests, you seem to be living in the past with a thick colonial wall around yr small brains.
Sharing a common enemy with the Opposition does not make you an instant hero, neither does it do any harm to your perceived enemy.
Your act of name-calling and branding doesn't resemble a true-blood Sarawakian.
I have many friends from the different ethnic groups in Sarawak and none of them behave/try to communicate in such a manner.
Whatever you claim to be, you are a real disgrace to the beautiful state and its people if you are indeed a Sarawakian.
If you're not, but pretending to be one, I pity your mother and her land.

Mr.Brooke said...

well,apanama,perhaps i am frustrated after all.as u commented on my name Mr.Brooke,so will i on urs.as ur name suggest,surely ur a supporter of our dear tun mahathir.

maybe i am a disgrace to Sarawak,but i'd take that chance.but if there's one thing i want to make it clear,whether u like it or not,i am frustrated.for the rest of the sarawakians,i cannot say.why don't u ask them?i don't want to make false claims here.

and if ur swkian friends don't talk in "such manner",maybe only the rudes do or the rude does and i suppose,i am rude.no surprise because you have already judged me anyway.

have a great day.and not forgetting,Malaysia boleh.
let's send another spaceman shall we?

Anonymous said...

you can say we are disgraced to swk but we did what we deserve for all these years

next generations will judge what we did now. not you. history or his story can be changed as the years passed by

The People's Power said...

Like it or not, Sabahans and Sarawakians sounded more like sons to Malaya, not partners. We get candies when we ask for more. Then we face whipping when we shout too loud. When some MPs want to leave BN, only then all the old corruption files are digged out against those fella. Speaking of BPR, Why hav to wait until now to allege this MP cum Bald Elvis after so many years!!! Needless to say BPR sucks, as a doggy tool of BN.

Monster Mom said...

Your opinion counts dear!!

Mahathir is so yesterYEAR!!!!

Mr.Brooke said...

yes,that's more accurate.

Mahathir is so yesterYEAR,not yesterday, :)

Anonymous said...


The People's Power said...

Outdated and yesteryear equivalent to obsolete. Dr. M now is an archive but a barking item located on the shelf at the corner of the room.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir’s record: More negatives than positives
www.nst.com.my/Current_News/NST Tuesday/Letters/2275076/Article index_html.htm

I REFER to P.C.A. Lee's letter on Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's record ("Good, bad or plain ugly?-- NST, June 18).

To me, the Petronas Twin Towers, the Sepang F1 Circuit, Kuala Lumpur International Airport and the tolled highways are not projects coming out of brilliant ideas or initiatives. These can only come from those who think and behave as if the country's resources are unlimited and that "money is no problem".

It was during his administration that another "brilliant" idea was mooted which thankfully did not materialise: to build a bridge linking Malaysia and Sumatra. Just imagine the consequence to the country's financial resources and the ballooning budget deficits had the project proceeded.

His yearning for mega projects was indeed insatiable, especially when these become synonymous with his name. He wanted to create his own history, especially for the young generation. After all, those who were born at the time Dr Mahathir became prime minister were adults when he retired.

This generation knows only him as prime minister and this is the memory he wants to perpetuate, even to the extent of dismantling parts of the historical past.

Remember Merdeka Stadium, which was on the verge of being demolished to make way for a commercial project? Had it not been for the public outcry, we would have lost this historical place where our first prime minister read the proclamation of our independence.

The availability of oil money and Petronas under his control had no doubt become the driving force behind his thirst for mega projects, including the heavy industry, as well as for bailing out public and private companies from the fallout of the 1997/1998 Asian financial crisis.

The national car project was developed at high social cost to the country and people, when it could have been done differently and at a lower cost and yet still meet our national objectives and aspirations.

Just look at what Thailand did to its automotive industry, which is robust and competitive compared with ours. And we were ahead of Thailand at one time. Perwaja is another disaster that has to be salvaged.

Is the Formula One circuit financially viable and self-financing or still dependent upon the continuing injection of public money or Petronas money?

What did the country get substantively out of the Twin Towers apart from having the tallest building in the world, though not any more now? Was the Twin Towers fully occupied upon completion?

Did our construction industry or contractors gain any technological mileage in terms of expertise and skills when we engaged foreign labour for its construction?

I tried to list down his positive contributions to the country, especially to the ordinary citizens who may remember him in their hearts for a long time. We are not talking of the few hundred families or individuals who were direct beneficiaries of his 23-year administration through negotiated contracts, privatisation deals, business monopolies, exclusive supplies and services, but the millions of ordinary low-income and poor people in the rural and urban areas throughout the country.

Frankly, not much can be documented for their direct well-being and welfare, except the widening disparity of incomes among the major races and within a race and between urban and rural areas during his administration. The gap between the rich and poor is widening.

I only see more and more negatives than positives, as enumerated by P.C.A. Lee, like the thriving corruption, the erosion of public confidence in the judiciary, racial polarisation, wastage of public funds, substandard buildings, schools, roads implemented through direct negotiations and consequently abandoned, but later salvaged by the new administration at tremendous cost to the nation.

To add to the list of negatives is the declining respect for our laws because "you can do wrong things for the right reason". Or you can be spared of your wrongdoings before the law if you can tell the judges what to do. Anything is possible at the right price.

The explosion in the number of awards for honorific titles among Malaysians happened during his premiership, so much so that cynical remarks were made by everyone that if someone throws a stone on the street or at any public function, the chances are that you would hit a Datuk, Datuk Seri or Tan Sri.

The scramble for such titles became paramount, as they provide tremendous mileage in terms of securing preferential treatment of sorts and access to the corridors of power, all which adds a new dimension to Malaysian culture and way of life.

However, we must be fair to Dr Mahathir. Let us hope as time goes on, more and more of his good deeds and not his misdeeds will be revealed. As the saying goes, elephants leave behind their tusks and the tigers their stripes when they die. Human beings leave behind their names.

Outdated and yesteryear equivalent to obsolete

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