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Global Food Crisis and Sarawak's Role

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Many years before, we might say that this problem is impossible or at least, not in the near future.However,it has grown more obvious that the global food crisis is actually imminent and that it's knocking on our doorsteps. I have read various articles on the problem of global food crisis and I was greatly inspired to write my own opinion after reading my friend's blog regarding this crisis.

Yes, it is true that as we put our efforts in building the tallest building in the world (and some leaders rob these moneys to build those buildings from the people,as we very well realize now especially in the case of the African people.Ever watch Blood Diamond? I love the movie), along the way, the deforestation is being done more and more and this means, this does not only destroy the habitats of animals, but also increases global warming. Our roles towards the field agriculture are not entirely forgotten, but merely neglected it. And that is why, as of now, the global food crisis problem is getting more and more real and it is not only Africa's problem in the coming years, but maybe us as well. According to the International Monetary Fund, over the past 12 months global food prices have increased on average by more than 40% and the popular factors that have been identified by experts are as follow:

1.the increased demand for food commodities from developing countries (as a result of population increases and increased consumption of meat)

2. the production of crops for bio-fuels

3.increased costs of transportation, fuel and fertilizer due to the increasing cost of oil

4. a weakening U.S. currency which increases the effective cost for commodities purchased with dollars

5.recurring natural disasters such as drought and flooding.

Therefore, I believe Sarawak has the greatest potential to play such an important role in solving this problem because of its vast area left to be developed. Although this kind of action might require us to deforestation, but at least it's for the productions of foods. Now, according to Datuk David Teng Lung Chi, Sarawak has a lot of land and fisheries resources. Some 3.8 million hectares or 32 per cent of its total land area has been identified as suitable for commercial agriculture. Of this, only 200,000 hectares have been developed into agricultural plantations.

This means there are many more areas that are yet to be fully developed or none at all and this figure further imply that bumi kenyalang does indeed has the potential to be active in agriculture. I am very interested with what Holland has done with their lands and how they develop their agriculture fields and I believe Sarawak can follow their footsteps by emulating them.

Apart from solving the food crisis problem, this could also help the rural folks who are badly hit by the hike in oil prices. When I got back to my long house for the last Gawai festival, my grandfather complaint that his farms are not doing really well because he's still very much sticking to the traditional methods and the sales are very low. So,if this area of growth is developed properly, it could generate profits amounting to billions of dollar to Sarawak. It is time that we should move on from relying too much on oil and concentrate on other areas, especially on the development of our natural resources other than oil itself. You know, I find it amusing how Anwar Ibrahim has promised to increase our oil royalty from 5% to 20% if he ever becomes the Prime Minister while we know that the oil supply would be running out soon. Such an opportunistic fella, Anwar.

Now,here's another interesting note: The state also has vast potential in the field of aquaculture. Studies indicate some 154,000 hectares which are suitable for marine aquaculture. Vast freshwater bodies in the interior, especially the Batang Ai Lake, Baram River, Rejang River and other small river systems are suitable for freshwater aquaculture. "The vast area of the impounded water body at the proposed Bakun Dam which when completed has potential for cage aquaculture fishery," says Teng.

Well,I believe our beloved Bumi Kenyalang has much more to offer and to come, provided that it is well-managed and not exploited by outsiders. We must really get our acts together and stay united for the brighter future of Sarawak.


Anonymous said...

did u know musa hitam/sime darby got agro project in swk? why not gov direct uses all resources, agri dept etc to help the farmers. why must sime darby? a glc control by khanazh a.k.a umno?

who will get the timber when clean the forest?

did u know there will be another 12 dams will be built in swk? do we need this? i think this will benifit malaya, not us. we feed them but what we get in return? politik pemansang!

Mr.Brooke said...

I sincerely believe the spirit of entrepreneurship be instilled in the hearts of Sarawakians,especially in the agriculture and energy sector.

Even though the 12 dams might benefit Malaya more,however,indirectly this would leave quite a profound effect on our state in a way,we are in control of the power sector of Msia because we're the provider,not them.

Mr.Brooke said...

and maybe those who will handle the dams might not be swkians,but i believe swkians today are getting more educated,only a matter of time before they take their futures into their own hands.

Anonymous said...

the dams in our state but not us control that dams. nothing to be proud ;-)

more autonomy or independence?

Mr.Brooke said...

perhaps true what you said.there's,of course nothing to be proud of,because the dams are not in our control,as with most other resources in the state.

but don u think this will only get Sarawakians angrier seeing their own land being 'invaded'?
and when they are angry,is it good or is it bad?time will tell,but definitely,the sabahans now are really angry.

Anonymous said...

great post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.