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I am not a rascist

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Ever since I started this blog, I felt happy because there are fellow Sarawakians who are willingly sharing their views on the current politics that Sarawak is going through.It makes me so proud that there are so many of us out there who love our beloved Sarawak very much and for that,I'd like to thank many of you who have contributed your ideas to this blog. However, although the comments and encouragements that I have received so far have been very good and encouraging, there are certain individuals (which I will not name them here) who accuse me of being a rascist and that with this blog, I am actually trying to create dissatisfactions and hatred among my Sarawakians friends towards Malaysia.

Let me make it clear that that is not my main objective in setting up this blog.I believe that by having this blog, I could instill love and patriotism on Sarawak among my friends. It is never my intention to be a rascist for I do love the whole concept of Malaysia. The dissatisfactions that are written here in this blog is merely to express our dissatisfaction, just like Sabah MPs who kept complaining about theirs(which unfortunately, according to them, fell on deaf ears). I owe a lot to Malaysia because without Malaysia, probably I would not be here today. Without Malaysia, I would have the friends that I currently have. Without Malaysia, maybe I wouldn't be the man that I am now. You see, there are so many things that I owe to this country and it is such a sad thing that people actually accuse me of being a rascist.

Perhaps the reason why it is so is because of the dissatisfactions written here. However, it does not actually mean I hate Malaysia.No,not at all. I love the idea of Malaysia but not the idea of Malaysia being ruled by a corrupted government because with Malaysia being ruled by a weak body,this would also affect Sarawak as a whole. What I am seeking here is to share my views with fellow Sarawakians on issues that either: I am unclear of, dissatisfied and happy about.

I have lived in Sarawak for almost all my life and the idea of it being treated unfairly inspired me to speak and voice out my dissatisfaction, but in doing so doesn't mean I am being a rascist.When I came to Semenanjung (West Malaysia) and lived there ever since 2004, I've witnessed the opposite of Malaysian dream where rascism is still strong. While Sarawak herself is not entirely perfect, however at least the communities here accept each other more willingly and able to integrate with each other better. I will keep on writing issues that I find interesting, worth disscussing but hopefully, from now on, those who have been messaging me about me being a fascist should get a clearer picture.

Thank you.

(Note:i was confuse with the term "fascist" and "racist". Pardon me for that. :P )


The People's Power said...

So far, we should feel lucky that the biggest "racist" party didn't come into our state directly.

Or Else, all of us will end up like Sabah. See what happens after they were invaded, slowly the unity among Sabahans starts to shake due to influx of immigrants who are receiving the same benefits as the Sabahans.

The political agenda carry out by this party doesn't seem democratic after all, but sounded more or less like a "iron claw" affair, whereby Sabahans voices and pleas are normally sidelined and unheard.

All the while, although a lot of us are unhappy with Uban but at least he didn't beg the dagger party to unite with them in the state. That at least keep us away from being infected by the racism virus carried by the morons. Remember 513 and the culprits who mastermind and fired up the whole incident?

Mr.Brooke said...

true true
we shouldn't let that party enter Sarawak.it would really destroy us if they come here.
and also,im quite unhappy with pkr,dap and pas coming here as well.i believe the parties here should b from sarawak, not from there.

Anonymous said...

welcome to bolehland...hasil karya tdm

so-called unity acuan malaysia

dari kaca mata malaysia

george chan said...

it took me a while to figure out what u mean bolehland...haha...that's a good one

Malaysia Digest said...

As a component (not state) of Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak deserve equal treatment. Afterall, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are partners during the formation of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...


you are right

partners not a state

kolok mee said...

Kamek ingat lagik, masa mula-mula baruk masuk first sem kat sitok,utm johor.
Sekda Mak bapak mek ngantar kamek nang kamek sorang jak.
Kamek ingat gik kamek dilabel bagei, 'Ramles Sari.' atopun 'that Sarawakian boy.'
Macam orang sekda nama. Sekda identity.

Sebab masa ya, kamek pendiam. Sik brapa gilak bergaol ngan urang. Polah keja dirik pun.

Dari zaman skolah, sampei ari tok, kamek nang dah nengar suma jenis stereotaip urang Sarawak. Macam,

'Orang Sarawak pakai cawat.'
'Orang Sarawak duduk atas pokok.'
'Tun Jugah!'
'Eh, dont cut my head off ah?'

...ngan yang sewaktu dengannya lah.

Soalan-soalan nok ditanyak pun bes-bes.

'You're from Sarawak?'

'Oh... so what are you?'
'What do you mean?'

'I mean, are you Sarawakian? or...?'
'I'm Ibanlah.'

'Oh. So you're not Sarawakian?'
= /

Ya lah, kadang-kadang tang malas rasa mok explain.
Sik susah.
Tapi, mok madah nya pandei, nya sik.

Maksud nya, mok nanyak kamek tok Mlayu kah, Iban kah, Kayan kah, Kenyah kah, Mlano kah...
tapi sik brani atopun nang menar ignorant.
Entah eh.
Menin palak dirik sendirik jak.

Tapi dah lamak-lamak, ada juaklah urang nanyak dikit-dikit pasal Sarawak.
Kita dari 'oversea' tek nak?
Aoklah. Over the sea, bah.
Betollah ya.

Kenak urang Sarawak tok slalu dipandang lain?
Because kita cool.
Tapi nang menar.
Dari zaman skolah dolok sampei kinek tok.
Bukan kamek sorang ajak, rami kawan lain pun kedak ya.
Daknya madah, dalam experience sidak dekat mok sama.

Kamek ingat lagik, masa kwn mek call. Kawan O.M mek nangga/nengar ngan muka nya dah eyran.
'Ses, you cakap bahasa aper tu?'
'Bahasa Sarawak ah.'
'Macam bes jer. Ajar la! Ajar la!'

Gago. Ngegeh. Kenja.

Mun klaka rami-rami ngan O.M.
'Eh you orang Sarawak kan?'
'Yer. Asal?'
'You kenal [insert name here] tak?'
'Bukan korang sumer kenal samer diri ker?'

Palak kawu.
Kawu pikey Sarawak tok kecik kah?
Seolah-olah, sik paham konsep negeri Sarawak.
Eh ongek, mun di-ekot eh, Sarawak boleh jadi negara sendirik, kawu tauk sik?
Bahasa Sarawak, nang memang bahasa utama.
Bahasa lain gik?
Bangsa lain pun rami (Tambi jak sik rami. haha.)

Mun omputeh pegi backpacking pun, siney dolok tuju?
Borneo Island, mate!

Macam kawan mek sorang, masa kwn kamek maseh diam di London dolok,
nya crita pasal pengalaman backpacking nya di Asia.

'I went to Malaysia after Thailand.'
Dalam ati mek, 'Tok mesti mok ngembak klaka pasal Twin Towers tok.'
'Did you see the towers, mate?' tanyak kwn mek.
'No. I skipped Peninsular and went straight over to Borneo.' kata nya.
'Jesus Christ, mate. That's a big skip.' kata kwn mek lagik.

Ya, contoh nombor satu.
Nombor duak, ex-boyfriend kwn mek dolok.
Omputeh London.

'Babe, how much does it cost to go to Borneo?'
'Well, you have to make a stop in KL first,. Plus, i live there now anyways.'
'Ok. Can we only stay in KL for a day or so and make our way straight to Borneo?'
'Can you say Sarawak?'
'Yeah. You're all set.'

Kamek molah survey. Kamek nanyak kawan mek di London nok dah ninjak tanah Sarawak kenak sidak lagik suka pegi sia, jawapan sidak suma sama.
'Culture. The greens (bukan green ganja ah?). It's livelier.'

Bangga juaklah.

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