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well,for those of you who aren't familiar with this,SCORE actually stands for Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy.this project was launched by the government of Malaysia on the 11th of February 2008.i don't wish to write much about the whole matter,so let me make it short.

so,SCORE based on what i've got from wikipedia,

The Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy or SCORE is a new development corridor in central Sarawak state, Malaysia. It is one of the five regional development corridors being developed throughout the country. SCORE is a major initiative undertaken to develop the Central Region and transform Sarawak into a developed State by the year 2020. It aims to achieve the goals of accelerating the State's economic growth and development, as well as improving the quality of life for the people of Sarawak.

i believe should this project is implemented well enough, without too much corruption or better, no corruption at all, should this project achieve its objectives, Sarawak can keep more of her brilliant citizens who at the moment, are leaving her because lack of opportunities here in our Bumi Kenyalang. It has been too long indeed, where we see one after another, our great minds are being used in other places, including west malaysia, eventhough clear at the moment, Sarawak is in dire needs for more people with the right minds and skills to help bring it forward as a developed state.

what more, it is saddening because judging from the vast amount of resources that our Sarawak posses, looking at the poverty rate throughout the state, this reality really makes us angry. i was at saratok last week (it's a place only an hour away from sarikei), celebrating gawai.while i was at my long house, i asked some of the seniors there who could be around 80 to 90 years old and that said,more and more of the younger generation are leaving the long house to go to the city, and look for more promising opportunities out there.well,they're not wrong,judging from what saratok, roban (a neighboring town) and betong have to offer.not much.very little and simply not enough.while Malaysia tries to project itself as one of the best developing nations with a very encouraging economy,however,Sarawak,especially the central part and also the rural areas,still lagged behind,could be a 100 years behind.

we need more good roads to connect one town with another, so that along the road,more development could be carried out and the land values would rise.the sarawak government has to provide more economic opportunities to their people, because it's really a win-win situation.if the people everywhere in Bumi kenyalang is well educated, informed and more business-minded,we could be among the best and help bringing the development of Sarawak to a greater height.

so,hopefully,SCORE would turn out a success and would help retain her best people in the state and help developing the state.because currently,because of it being too neglected,Sarawak is losing her best people very fast and this trend is worrying.lucky miri found oil.Had it not found it,well,doesn't look good wouldn't it? :)

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The People's Power said...

The NEP policy has proven itself as a failure in many rural places in Sarawak, compare to many kampungs in W. Malaysia. SCORE might end up just like MSC Cyberjaya if its just merely a political agenda, while the people of Sarawak do not get anything beneficial out of it to improve their living.

Mr.Brooke said...

i totally agree.SCORE could end up like MSC and i'm gettin sick of the promises given to us by our extremely unreliable government.
but we can always hope,can't we?

Malaysia Digest said...

Sarawak is lagging in ALL departments. And at the moment, most working adult Sarawakians are outside Sarawak earning their living and are not around to change the political environment in Sarawak.

Malaysia Digest

The People's Power said...


I'm one of those Sarawakians who has been working in the haunted town of Cyberjaya for 6 years now.

About Cyberjaya, I can see that many companies are moving out from Cyberjaya after Pak Lah took over as PM. Some buildings are almost totally vacant. MSC status is just another political gimmick, which only benefits BN government.

Why are we Sarawakians go somewhere to make our living? Because of slim chances to develop our skills backhome under exploitation from employers who don't really appreciate our skills and brains.

Mr.Brooke said...

it is sad of course,but hopefully,the future would gives us a more promising surrounding for our intelligent kinsmen to work and help bring Sarawak forward.

Anonymous said...

get out from sarawak and let us admin our homeland

all malaya knows is to rob us and use the money for their homeland

The People's Power said...

I have a fren who is working with atomic agency in Bangi. She was requesting to be posted back to sarawak after getting married but got rejected by her Head. Why, becoz Datuk Ongkili encourage more Sarawakians and Sabahans to work in Semenanjung to develop their careers. Why not if he can encourage more science and technology centres to be set up in Sabah and Sarawak, so that our people can stay close to their parents. I'm pity for a lot of parents including mine who have to stay alone from their kids. We have a lot of professionals in Semenanjung and overseas but not in homelands due to limited opportunities.

Mr.Brooke said...

exactly,the people's power.like how mahathir always point out that the west 'stole' our intelligent workers after spending millions on education,the same goes with sarawak.without a proper platform for these people to perform,it is hard for them to stay when they know bigger things await them at semenanjung or overseas.