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Our Oil Royalty?

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i'd like to ask anyone who knows,what's our the amount of money paid to us in terms of oil royalty?my cousin told me the other day that apparently,our oil royalty is around RM2 billion,while Sabah receives rm1 billion and terrenganu receives RM 7 billion! if this is true (my cousin works at Bank Negara, so i think this information is pretty reliable.but still,i'd like to know if this figure is correct) this is outraging! i mean,our state produces much more oil than terrenganu and yet...we only receives rm 2 billion???
wtf! i mean,this state is pretty big,no im wrong,it's very very big!for heaven's sake,the other day i went back to my long house for gawai and the some parts of the roads there were and still are very very extremely HORRIBLE! and i've come to realise that there isn't any road linking the places near the shore and Kapit.isn't this maddening? i mean,okay,realistically,it is true to develop good roads require a lot of money,heck yeah. but we sarawakians are of course,be willing to pay road tolls if we drive on good roads.no doubt.
i was at kuala lumpur for the holiday last week,and i was very jealous of their roads there.it was smooth and no holes or whatever as we drove from shah alam to klcc.nope.i mean,judging from the vast amount of resources that sarawak posses,we sarawakians want to see at least, a good road system from lawas all the way to lundu. and also to kapit.but...what i'm angry about is that we only receives rm 2 billion? (correct me if im wrong though)

that's all for now.i'd like to calm myself first.lol


Anonymous said...

what to do whe dont have the powers to make any changes

mayb indepence better

taki kasung said...

we don't know the real stuation. We are the anak angkat


Mr.Crocodile said...
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The People's Power said...

We can feel that the end is here for BN. After so many years supplying oil to Malaysia, we are getting a few pennies.

What more did we get from Pak Lah's announcement yesterday. Nothing much beside the billion and allowance for using choppers.

Many Sarawakians feel like Anak luar nikah of Malaysia.

Mr.Brooke said...

i believe we Sarawakians are being treated like anak luar nikah becuz we're not united.u know,the divide and conquer rule?i think it has been successful so far in dividing us.