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To allow or not to allow

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the style of Shakesphere ringing in my ears. I was quite interested with an article from Malaysiakini today,regarding the Universities and University Colleges Act (UUCA).The Parliament was debating about it where the whole motion was proposed by Tony Pua,DAP Assemblyman of Petaling Jaya Utara and the opposition lawmakers were pushing for a series of changes in the amendment Bill to pave way for greater students' freedom in politics. I find this very interesting indeed as I am now a student myself and should there be changes in the system,I would be affected to as well.

Anyway,I was just wondering,does it really help the students to develop themselves and spread their wings should they are given more space to fly about,expressing their thoughts more actively by joining political parties and political activities?

I must say I agree with banning the students from joining any political parties and political activities. While it is very tempting indeed to join the club and involving oneself with rallies-ceramahs,election campaigns,but the students must remember that the reason they are at the Universities at the moment is to study,study and study. One might argue that perhaps,by joining political parties and its activities,can develop charisma, skills, improve public relations, but there is a lot of time after graduation to do so. If one indeed feels the need to improve their soft-skills,the need to improve other things than the things they learn from the books,well,there are always organizations that they can join. It is not only benefiticial but also, a suitable platform for these young and great minds to share their thoughts with others who have similar interests as well.

So,is it really better to allow the students to enter the political arena?Being a student in University Malaya,I have had the liberty of witnessing the campus-election held at the university,between the Pro-Aspirasi and Pro-Mahasiswa. Well, I must say there are many talented individuals that have great potentials to be great leaders in the future. But as a student,they need to remember that they have responsbilities towards their studies as well and mind you,there are certain cases whereby some students who were actively indulging themselves with their so-called political dreams failed in their studies and dwindled-lost in their dreams too far. And must also remember,while the students are paying school fees(for the local Universities in particular),still,but most of the fees are paid by the government or in other word, the taxpayers' money. So,it's not really wise to throw away the opportunity provided to us where we can risked being kicked out from the University just because ,one sunny day,we decided to join a rally hosted by Anwar Ibrahim. What happens after that?Sure,if you have loadsa' money,it's not a problem.If you don't?Think wisely.

There are things we can do even if we cannot fully participate in the whole circus, as a matter of fact. There are blogs,there are clubs like AISEC,there are organizations out there that work to help improve the lives of the disables,the olds,saving the environments-aren't these organizations too provide a way for these talented students to improve as well?I really think so.

This topic has been the hot topic at the campus and certain students,especially the Pro-Mahasiswa (the Opposition) felt they should be given more freedom to join the politcal parties and activities and some of you might and surely have differing ideas as to what I'm presenting here.However,I just feel that as a student,it is important as well as to not too carried away with the whole political game for now as we need to ensure excellency in the studies first and can always join clubs,projects,organizations to improve or build soft-skills. Again,this is just my thought.


BigGio said...

i agree.students should not be involved into politics.let the politicians do what they do best: politics.

Anonymous said...

u can involve with politic but dont forget to study as education is ur 1st priority

agre with KJ

Clive said...

true true

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