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The tale of the Siblings

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Everytime I went back to Miri for holiday,there are a few places that I must go-to eat.Some of the places are Wawasan 2020 where I'd have my dim sum,the classic chendol restaurant at the center of the city, Tanjong Lobang and at the market. This is just to name a few but I'd just like to share an interesting story about the one at the market.

There are,what,4 siblings working on their stall-selling really delicious Curry Chicken Rice.It's one of the few eating places where I would order at least 2 plates.It's so nice I take it as an obligation to go there everytime I'm here in Miri for the holiday.Mind you,I love it!

So,the siblings that work at this stall are all old,I suppose on averge,60-70++ years old.If I see correctly,I could identify 3 grandma and 1 grandpa among the 4.Or is it 5?I'm confuse sometimes,but my judgement is based on their looks-they resembled each other quite closely. Anyway,according to one of my sources who happens to be another fan of the siblings,they are all singles-by that,I mean not married and that means,they have no children.That's really sad because then,they would have no one to continue the business once they're gone. Apart from that,my friend told me that they open at their hearts' will. If they feel like opening their stall,they would open it.If they don't feel like it,they don't.Bemused,nonetheless.And if any of you decided to give it a go,make sure to go before 12. Usually,by then,the fooods will all be finished as they have lots of customers,all queuing up to buy the Nasi Kari from them;One plate of really delicious Curry Rice is RM4 and that's really worth it.

Just thought of sharing!


Anonymous said...

eyh,wanna try la makai there!sounds yummy!

Uchu Keling said...

And, where is that stall?

Anonymous said...

I will try once in Miri.Do they serve halal food for Dayaks?

Clive said...

u mean,the curry rice?i don't think it's halal...sorry. :(