i really love the foods in sarawak.
honestly,i really really love it.i mean,i've been here in semenanjung(west malaysia)for more than 5 years already,and i've tried my best to try most of the local foods here.
especially during the Ramadhan months-woooo,that is one of the most perfect time for any of us to try and look for good foods,and i must say,there are many!:)

but sadly,i'll only write about what i know in Miri,:P

sorry folks!

and as a non-Muslim and non-Jewish,I am eligible to eat pork,therefore,i see it as must for me to try the non-halal foods here as well.haha,no offense to anyone,though.it's not my intention.so,anyway,i've tried the non-halal foods here,especially for kolok mee.

but sadly,:(









so dissapointing!i mean,the kolok mee taste...bleurghh...so un-kolok mee...


but one thing that i do find delicious and nice to eat is the penang char kueh tiaw.

this one tastes nice and acceptable.but other than this,nothing too fancy or even comparable to sarawak's noodles!

but since my most favourite mee in the world is mee kering,so,i spose i'll only compare mee kolok then.so,so far,other than the kolok mee in miri,i find other places are not too good or not good at all.

-mee Kering@ Kolok Mee-

-i love it when the pork are like above-red and delicious looking,hehehe,:)

alright,let me talk about laksa instead.well,to do justice,i do like the laksa from penang,kelantan(if im not mistaken),but the thing is,the laksa from the mentioned states are not sweet and taste fish-y.i think the soup they use has fish inside,hehehe,i'm not sure.

that's why,in any case,i'd much prefer laksa sarawak other than other laksa becuz,oh my God,it taste so nice!and eventhough i don't like spicy foods,my oh my,it taste so nice!and when i said i don't like spicy,and i still say i like it,so it must mean i really like the foods,eh?


but honestly,laksa sarawak is the best!

i really like the flavour and what i reckon any of you who like to try this laksa,you should have ur laksa with teh-c peng special,so far,that i know of,only available in miri!how cool is that!:)

but my friend who's staying in Kuching currently,argued that Kuching has better selection of foods than in Miri.hmmm...if so,i should really make an effort to go to Kuching one of these days and go try the foods there.don't u just love it?foods~the thing that worth throwing our money away.

there,can't u guys see how delicious the laksa would be when it touches ur tounge and u chew it and swallow 'em???oh gosh-laksa sarawak,one of the very best foods there is-i mean,ever invented!haha

if any of u,non-sarawakian,who ever thought of going to sarawak,but didn't try this one,boy o boy,u must have been really stupid then!:P

and well,other than laksa sarawak,another dish that i like very very much is of course,yummy yummy dim sum!but not in any location-only the dim sums in Wawasan 2020,a local restaurant in miri. it's a very very nice restaurant,i'm telling you!haha

you should really go there u know.oh my gosh-the foods are so very nice!haha

rm1.90 each at wawasan 2020,isn't that worth it or what?:)

and last but not least on my favourite list,lulun (as my family call it) or ayam pansuh,in BM.now,this one,you cook what you want to cook in a bamboo stick.it's nice you know.it's really nice.
i like it when my father or my grandad cook it for dinner.ooo,especially after a long day out,this dish is a suitable and delicious to complete your day!hahaha
sounds like TrAVEL agent pulak,hehehe,:)
but no,i'm not cuz it's real good,so,no harm in trying it out you know!

that's all from Mr. Brooke.until next time,folks!