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Don't take Sarawak for granted

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Sarawak never makes ‘ungrateful’ requests

We never demand for much from federal govt: Dr Chan SARAWAK has never made ‘ungrateful’ requests to the federal government, said several party leaders here, in stark opposition to a recent comment by a West Malaysian Barisan Nasional (BN) MP. “We leave the allocation of ministerial post to the Prime Minister. We never demand for much from the federal government,” said Sarawak United People’s Party president Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan. Read the rest of the article at this address http://www.theborneopost.com/?p=35522.

this article of Borneo Post that
i found in one of our fellow Sarawakian's blogs at http://takikasung.blogspot.com/ caught my interest.You know,before the memorable 8th of March which was the election day and the tsunami wave occured,there was not much news regarding these things.

and now,suddenly,after the 8th of March,well,many things have come up and that includes:

1.the issue of Ketuanan Melayu
2.the issue on NEP
3.the fact that UMNO leaders(some of them)labeled the Malays who voted for the opposition as ungrateful to what the party had contributed in the past,including their effort in making independence susscessful.

4....and Sarawak and Sabah MPs' who are labeled as ungrateful for asking more representation in the CABINET.
don't you see?i suppose the 8th of March is a blessing to the rest of us becuz now,almost all Malaysians are aware of what's the country currently facing.

i am dissapointed when some leaders from the Government suddenly harps on the issue of ketuanan Melayu.it has actually,destroyed the efforts by larger parts of Malaysia who wanted the Malaysian dreams, and not sticking to a race-based political system where we still see each other,not as Malaysian but Bumiputera and non-Bumiputera.

but anyway,let's focus on our topic today,"don't take Sarawak (and Sabah if i might add) for granted".

referring back to the article~ "
Mohamad Aziz (BN-Sri Gading) said in parliament that East Malaysian BN MPs should stop complaining over their lack of representation in the federal cabinet.Mohamad was quoted as saying that East Malaysian MPs who complained were being ‘ungrateful’ and ‘unable to appreciate their blessings’."

This is really unfair.The MPs are complaining because they feel unsatisfied over things that are related to the development of Sarawak;they don't complain for nothing.
These two states are very rich in resources and having that amount of resources,especially oil,surely the rural areas and places like Kapit have proper access of electricity and water.After all,the Bakun Dam is built right in Sarawak,and yet,why aren't the people of Swak still not provided with these basic needs?

It is very obvious that these two states are very far behind in terms of development compare to the West Malaysia.

i feel,instead of the "ungrateful" and "unable to appreciate their blessings" at sarawak MPs,i believe they should be instead be thrown words like these to the West MPs: selfish and blind.
why? let me tell you why...

it's because if it hadn't been for these two very VERY big states,BN would've lost the election that day.almost every seat was won by BN in Sabah and Sarawak,and yet,these people are called as unable to appreciate their blessings!ever since the formation of Malaysia,Sarawak in particular have been very loyal to the Gov't.

to achieve the Malaysian dreams,there have to be a balance in terms of development in all of the states in Malaysia.and yet,this matter is not being looked upon hard enough.very sorry indeed...

the size of these two states are larger than the whole of peninsular of Malaysia,and of course,out of the 140 seats that the Federal Gov't currently have in the Parliament,we would at least have a larger share of the pie.But if to ask for these and being called as ungrateful,well,this is simply unacceptable!

Next year,I would be eligible to vote.And if the disappointments still linger here,well,I know just who to vote then: Anwar Ibrahim,at least he (I like to have faith in people,see?) seems capable of bringing more developments to Sarawak,this beloved home of mine and ours.

Sometimes,being frustrated over this matter serve no good.As for me,I'd say,work hard in my study and work later so that,by having the enough money and power,I could at least contribute to the development of Sarawak,for a much better future with better facilities.It's really annoying when my friends here at KL said to me that we Sarawakians still live in the jungle or the cave.Who wouldn't right?This is really showing that these people are being so ignorant but there is also truth in the matter.We are still far behind.We don't have proper roads to some places etc etc...Oh gosh,it would never end.I just hope that,someday,the people in the Gov't would actually listen to the complains of the MPs here and not calling them as ungrateful,but actually listen and really listen to their complains.

Here,I have an excellent article to show all of you the brief history of the formation of Malaysia:


Read it.it's a very good information-useful,no doubt.
You know what?I actually like Dr.Mahathir's quote which is "Melayu Mudah Lupa" (Malays easily forget) but I like to extend that to "Malaysians easily forget,not only Malays."

Agree?Any objection?

That's all I suppose.I shall write again soon.Have loadsa free time now!:)


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