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Towards 2020...or so it seemed.

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When it comes to political entertainment,no country,to me is more entertaining to watch than Malaysia's own local political scenes.take note the s. well,it has become more and more dramatic and sometimes, just plain-obvious who are the opportunists and who are the real victims but with added spice and sugar which is the media,seems to me,we have the perfect making of the country of backstabbers.

One of the most interesting ones is when it comes to Karpal Singh being hated by the Malays for challenging the Sultan, which in return,is also being heavily exploited by UMNO which,in their words that Mr. Karpal is challenging the so-called Malays and being rude to the Sultans as a whole and we in University Malaya weren't left out too.As the news broke out,there was a small rally in the campus.small but nevertheless,the students were brought in to choose a side.For all I know,the mini-rally was because the Sultan discussed is the sultan of perak which is actually the Chancellor of University Malaya.Although the intention has been clearly stated and defined,I however beg to differ. I was not in the mood to join the rally that day,for all I know,did the students that join the rally know what was being fight for actually?Not to belittle but just that taking the University and College University Act(1971) into consideration,well,isn't this case can be considered as breaking the act?Just a thought.

But speaking of Karpal Singh and my Chancellor,the Sultan of Perak. Did the King do the right thing at the time when Pakatan Rakyat lost and gave back the state of Perak to Barisan again? Well,of course,when it comes to choosing side,I see not much matters since both have their own pros and cons. But being a neutral,did the Sultan do the right thing? I think so.By doing this,the Sultan is saving the state and the nation at large of money since based on past election experiences,every mini-election seems to involve large sum of money and of course,promises.I'd say,let the BN take the state again and run it.Regardless of whether it was moral or not,but since they know they have to do well now that they are the people in power again,hopefully they'd spend more money on developing and helping the people.I sound naive but does it hurt to hope?In any case, we have three elections to check whether the current goverment still being preferred by the people and one of the elections, is of course,one from my own backyard,which is Batang Ai.

Well,the last I heard,Anwar seems to be enjoying quite a support from the locals,people and the leaders as well. I am pretty excited as to how things would turn out. And hopefully Sarawak would get more attention now onwards.It's quite disturbing that after 50 years,many long houses are still without the basic needs such as electricity.And to say that the states has many natural resources and is rich of oil...still so many without Astro and proper frigde and have to survive off generators at night?Being a Sarawakian and an Iban,I cannot say I'm not disgusted by these facts.

But still,this is what I think.What do you think?towards 2020?remains to be seen but now,I'm a skeptic.


Anonymous said...

I still believe that The Sultan was wrong.

Tony Fernandes said...

The sultan is to be blame.If we allow this to happen once,who's to say it won't happen again?

Mr.Clive said...

Well,certainly from other perspective,the people should be given the power to decide who should be their rulers.However,I was merely pointing out to the fact that the sultan was directly or indirectly (anyway u wish to look at it) save the whole country from wasting money on stupid elections.take note:the money is the taxpayers' money.it's our money.However,the act of party hopping and so is such that it is a very disgraceful act,i don't think anyone should be given the right to lead,initiate or even support such a thing.The person I refer to is of course Anwar himself.Although the intention might be good,perhaps,but still it is an immoral act not to mention stir the process of democracy we so boast of.or have we ever enjoyed one?hmm

Tony Fernandes said...

I will always blame The Sultan