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America has done it. When will Malaysia?

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Barack Obama is now officially the United State's President and he's black. Surely, the country has gone through a lot to achieve that achievement for all we know, the blacks in America went through such a dark history in the country but now,look, a black for Mr. President. But the question now is, when will Malaysia?

For all it seems, any president of UMNO is the Prime Minister of Malaysia. And for some reasons, there are no actual democracy being worked here-the election for the president of UMNO involves only UMNO members and we know that, whoever wins the president seat would end up as the Prime Minister. So, where are the involvement of the rakyat in this matter anyway?

Malaysia is a multiracial country and we have many capable leaders, not only from the Malay community but also the Chinese, Indian, Sarawakians and Sabahans. If we were to say one cannot become the Prime Minister because he's not part of the majority, so is Barack Obama. I believe it is time we abandon the old thinking and move forward, even two steps ahead is an improvement for now.

Personally, I don't mind what race is in-charge of the Prime Minister post but I do mind whether the chosen Prime Minister is capable of leading the nation, bringing us together rather than dividing us, equal treatment and knows the role of Prime Minister in-and-out.

Then again, if Pakatan Raykat managed to win the Kuala Terengganu election, if Pro-Mahasiswa managed to win UM in the last Student Election, I believe anything is possible now.

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Anonymous said...

The recent KT election made me wonder though. Is the opposition any better than the BN?

Mr.Clive said...

well,it sure opens a whole new field of discussion.But I do believe we need a strong opposition to make sure that the government is not arrogant and keep them doing their jobs.that's what I thought lah.

Tony Fernandes said...

the Malays should not think only about them.

Anonymous said...

Sarawak has done it too, for so many years, in the person of minority Taib. Unfortunately Taib seems to have abused Dayaks' generousity / stupidity. Well Dayaks! It is time to change that.

Universal Bidayuh said...

Malaysia will never done it. Prime Minister & Chief Minister will always Malay because of the Hak Istimewa Orang Melayu in the Malaysia Constitution.