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Christian & Islam,Iban & other races

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(my cousin's wedding)

I have an aunt,back in Miri and she has seven children,if I'm not mistaken.But the one thing I'd like to share with you guys about her is that how multi-racial her family seems to be.For one,she has in-laws from the Melanau Muslim,Chinese,Indian and Iban.So,last Christmas,I went to her place for a Christmas party.The interesting part about that party was,my brother-in-law(the Melanau) brought his Muslim family to the party as well. And my indian cousins came as well, and not forgetting, from the Chinese side too. It was really cool to see how it was all conducted that night. Since we are Iban,some of us couldn't resist not having some beers (or other alcoholic beverages).somehow,we have this thought that a party isn't a party without beers.lol. So,my aunt's children would still celebrate Chinese new year,Christmas,Hari Raya,deepavali at my aunt's place.It also comes to the extent where my aunt would remind her grandchildren (my nephew) when to solat when the time comes.

so,anyway,apart from the Christmas party,there was also the Gawai festival.Since some of my family are Muslims,of course,out of respect for each other's belief,we non-Muslims couldn't have any non-halal foods in our room at the long house.Well,of course it's quite hard because eating pork is just something we're accustomed of for a long of time already,so to not eat it during this particular festival would feel awkward indeed.nah,we still eat pork anyway that gawai.Well,my grandfather's brother who has him room in the longhouse just next to ours don't have any Muslims in the family;any of us who wishes to eat pork would just go to the next room to have our non-Halal meals while the cooks for our own room are Muslims. So,basically,that gawai,our room in the whole of the longhouse,didn't serve any non-Halal foods.cool isn't it?but the beers were still there too,but just placed it in the far corner of the room.My muslim relatives were being tolerant too.So,it was really a give-and-take situation for us that year,which was really good actually. and after Sunday mass,we went to Betong for breakfast sometimes.There,those of us who are non-Muslim goes to the Chinese restaurant,while those of us who are Muslims go to the Malay restaurant.

and finally,during my cousin's wedding early of this year.It was held at church and the flower girl for the wedding was my Muslim niece.We don't get to witness this pretty often in today's world,right?And just recently,my Muslim cousin had his wedding as well and my sister was the bridesmaid.it has been really great having this type of surrounding for me; a good exposure and none of the propagandas shown to us in the television where they only know how to act friendly but at the back,name-calling from A to Z.get what I mean?

At the end of the days,although religion and race are sensitive issues that should and must not be meddled with,however,if you are comfortable with who you really are inside and know what the do's and dont's,well then,nothing to fear!

If there's one I like to share with all of you,it'd be a little place called Lutong,in Miri.There I was,in my car,driving somewhere where I caught sight of a church,built right next to Mosque.Although there are maybe other places that have this kind of thing,but I just like to say how rare it is to be seen here in Malaysia.I don't know about Sabah,but Sarawak really is,live up to the nick "Truly Asia".Don't you think so?


Uzair Sawal said...

let me tell you more about the worship houses in lutong.

during the fridays, we muslims were allowed to park near the church, and vice versa when it comes to sundays.

ahh, that's what i call muhibbah.

Anonymous said...

am glad to hear that and keep it that way.
one more thing. dont ever allow UMNO to set foot in Sarawak. Else, Sarawak will suffer the same fate as Sabah.
I truly am envious of the muhibbah spirit in Sarawak. May this continue in many many more years to come. always cherish and nurture it.

A Peninsular Malaysian

syuxx said...

For me, I also didnt have any problem socialize with relative or people with different religion & race.
This is one of the reason why we also should acknowledge other people religion so we know what do and donts in their religion. Simple right?

All things that we need is tolerant and respect each other.
Then, there will be no such racism or religion issue.

Notice that lutong road name? Its called JALAN AGAMA.

chivv said...

first time here... love this post... ^_^

mee said...

mee too.i have aunty which muslim,christian and baha'i.we mix together like always.I'm iban too.

BorneoMan said...

me too.i got auntie married to Brunei muslim,another auntie married to sibu iban,most of my uncles married to lun bawang & chinese.i'm halfchinese living in lun bawang kampung.
this is make me missed sarawak a lot,"Truly Muhibbah".

agree with 2nd anonymous.don't ever allow UMNO to set foot in sarawak,because this party will devide us like we saw in semenanjung now.


SamihkSalako said...

love this post too.... proud to be sarawakian....

armorphism said...

That's why i'm proud to be a sarawakian..i happened to come across this blog while surfing for idea for my article..makseh for such great thought!

Anonymous said...

can't resist to comment! mee too, stay in multi racial/religion kampong. family has melanau, bidayuh, iban, muslim, christian, pagan. never have problem with that, respect each other. Visit/help each other during festival, death, & marriage ceremonies. Agree with comment above, never allow UMNO into sarawak, you all know the consequnces,....

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