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Birth of the Trans-Sarawakian Railway

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I was reading my friend's blog the other and he wrote a very interesting article in his blog. Here is the article that I'm referring to:

And I quote:
"Recently the Borneo Post newspaper reported that a railway would be constructed in Sarawak for the SCORE project. Sarawak is sorely in need of better transport infrastructure, especially with the state's aim of becoming an industrial powerhouse in the 21st century. The benefits of railway transportation include the cheap transportation of bulk goods over long distances ( ideal since Sarawak is a large state), its capability of transporting huge loads at a time, immunity from traffic jams and it's relative predictability when compared to road transport (considering that the current road infastrutcure here is not something to be desired).

Even though the railway project will mostly be concentrated in the central region of Sarawak, where the SCORE project is situated, it was mentioned that the development of the railway would go on "beyond the year 2020". Could this mean the construction of a Trans-Sarawakian railway linking Kuching in the South to Miri in the North? The planned railway thus far is said to be 320km long, but who knows how long the actual railway could be. In an era of rising costs of fossil fuels, the possibility of a Trans-Sarawakian railway certainly seems plausible."

Well,what do you guys think? Like all sorts of promises that we hear,it is only as good if these promises are actually fulfilled. But if indeed they would be fulfilled,then we can expect a much more faster development to take place in Sarawak. *fingers-crossed*